A World of Training, LLC is a BBB Accredited Sales Training Consultant in Valrico, FL

A World of Training is a training company with a difference. Several differences in fact. We have rolled a couple of training companies into one, then expanded those services to provide our clients with plenty of choice. While we specialize in a couple of arenas, namely recreational vehicles, automotive and marine, we have found that a lot of the processes we train on will fit perfectly into other industries. So, if you are looking for strong process improvement and implementation training that will have a positive effect on your bottom line, you have come to the right place. Just call us or e-mail us about your requirements, and we will design a training solution to perfectly match your wants and needs.

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Don’t cheat yourself out of sales!

Please click above to watch the video I am sure you have all, at some time, been frustrated because a customer who you sold in the past bought another unit, but from someone else. Am I right? If so, please make sure you watch the video above. One way to drastically... read more

Active Delivery (Part 1)

Please click above to watch the video Active Delivery Part 1 In this video David reminds us of two critical processes that every service advisor needs to accomplish properly every single day…” customer follow-up” & performing and “Active Delivery” with each... read more

Why hold your service advisors accountable?

Please click above to watch the video. Here is an article that David wrote for the RV Executive magazine about this important topic: The number one concern most every Dealer, GM, Fixed Operations Manager, Sales Manager, or Service Manager shares with us is poor... read more