A World of Training is a training company with a difference. Several differences in fact. We have rolled a couple of training companies into one, then expanded those services to provide our clients with plenty of choice. While we specialize in a couple of arenas, namely recreational vehicles, automotive and marine, we have found that a lot of the processes we train on will fit perfectly into other industries. So, if you are looking for strong process improvement and implementation training that will have a positive effect on your bottom line, you have come to the right place. Just call us or e-mail us about your requirements, and we will design a training solution to perfectly match your wants and needs.

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Create a sense of urgency

Please click above to watch the video It is our job as salespeople and managers to create a sense of urgency with our customers, so they can enjoy the "buying fever" - it is a thrill to make a large purchase, and by creating a sense of...

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Wrapping up a Communication Present!

  Please click above to watch the video Keeping with the holiday spirit, I thought I might suggest a “customer holiday present” …. yes, communication!!! When you think about it, how enlightened, joyful, and kind hearted do our customers...

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Do you really want to get better?

Please click above to watch the video It seems a rhetorical question to ask anyone in sales or management if they really want to get better - the reason I ask is that a lot of people want to get better, but don't really know how. As I...

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