A World of Training, LLC is a BBB Accredited Sales Training Consultant in Valrico, FL

A World of Training is a training company with a difference. Several differences in fact. We have rolled a couple of training companies into one, then expanded those services to provide our clients with plenty of choice. While we specialize in a couple of arenas, namely recreational vehicles, automotive and marine, we have found that a lot of the processes we train on will fit perfectly into other industries. So, if you are looking for strong process improvement and implementation training that will have a positive effect on your bottom line, you have come to the right place. Just call us or e-mail us about your requirements, and we will design a training solution to perfectly match your wants and needs.

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Using the correct verbiage while interacting with customers

Please click above to watch the video We all know that processes and procedures that involve our customer are only as good as to how our employees explain these processes to our customers. We need to deliver professional and proper communication every time we come in... read more

December – a time to reflect, then ACT!

Please click above to watch the video December is typically a month used to wind the year down - many dealerships are quiet during the month, so we may just slide into the Holidays and get ready for next year. Many dealers have enjoyed great success this year, so they... read more

What Election??? Become recession-proof!!!

Please click above to watch the video. Elections are always a worrisome time for many people - how will I be affected with the new President? What changes will they make that will eventually make me change the way I do things? Shall I be preparing for the worst? The... read more