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GRV 020

Recap of budget reviews, with calls to action.

Please use the following to assist your team members – this is what you all said needs to happen as a result of our recent meeting.

#8       Reset budget to $10,500,000, and reduce personnel.

Reduce pricing on aged inventory

Anticipated net - $500,000

Order inventory, reduce A margins to 10 immediately

#14     Reset sales goal – Rob to review by July 1

Consider letting go detail person

Consider letting go salesperson

#3       Sales volume down

Control inventory – cannot order more

Analyze every position and lower personnel expense by July 1

#13     Maintain sales momentum

Parts – review and focus on OTC margins

Review personnel expense

Advertising – reallocate over the next 7 months

Examine Variable expenses – Ken/Derek

#6       Keep a close eye on Level 5 advertising

Aged units – use social influence by June 30

Stop ordering a couple of lines – work out which

#10     No changes necessary – keep on the gas pedal!

#16     Lack of leadership in sales department – re-evaluate the budget with Ronanne

Ronanne to take over the sales department and push – hard!

Mitch and Marty to cover GM roles – Monday June 17

#4       Keep it going – Scott and Kyle – continue with culture and human equation focus

#20     Write down inventory to allow lower sales prices

Write export policies and procedures – w/c June 17

Review ad spending

Conduct phone parties to previous customers – Jeff


#7       Keep expenses tight

Aged coming up – advertise cheaper – (loss) leaders

Contact customer base for trade possibilities to drive more new sales – Chris


#11     Get back to 2018 numbers

Full inventory hands on review

Look at shows – niche products working well

Expenses – reallocate day to day costs

Staffing change – June 17

Work with salespeople – coaching


#2       Figure out parts margin

Figure out why off in service dept

Talk to Larry – F&I pricing to increase margins – Monday June 17 – Ian


#5       Crack 40% parts margin – install matrix

Check in to variable expenses

Keep working on inventory – get to 2.5 by end of season


#12     Push more sales through

Sales training program starting June 24