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Now we are ready for our customer to show up to take delivery of their new unit - we have to follow a process so we don't get caught with a unit that we over valued and have no way to check it.

So, who is going to inspect it, and when? I recommend either a manager and/or a technician to inspect the unit, immediately after the customer shows up with it.

You should be able to schedule technician's time for these inspections. They will need the original appraisal sheet so we can compare the actual condition to the described condition. Any differences need to be relayed to the sales manager, so a decision can be made as to what to do next (maybe ask the customer to pay any difference in value).

Hopefully everything goes well and the delivery goes as planned. If we planned for this, we should have scheduled for the trade to go through the service department either the same day it comes in, or the day after.

Used units are a very valuable commodity - the quicker we sell them, the better off we are. If the units don't go through service and detailing in a timely fashion, we will lose opportunities to realize the full value of the trade.

To have a unit on display, ready for sale, takes processes and commitment. With both of these in place, your used turns will go up, which will result in tidier, neater and more profitable dealerships.