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In certain industries, in fact in all industries in certain circumstances, we need to put a value on a customer's trade without seeing it.

Many salespeople and managers use a trade valuation sheet to help with this process, yet fail to really get to the bottom of the true condition of the trade. This in turn leads to potentially upsetting the customer at the time of delivery.

As the time of delivery should be the happiest part - the customer is taking delivery of the purchase and is excited to get going, we need to do what we can to keep this part of the process upbeat and exciting.

So you can see how important it is to get the valuation correct to begin with.

This is all about mindset. if it was YOUR PERSONAL MONEY you were spending on buying the customer's trade, you would probably word your questions a little differently, and go further with your exploration as to the condition of the trade.

Don't just ask what the condition is, ask when the last time they inspected and/or conditioned the roof for example. Ask how faded the awning is, and how has the sun affected it's original condition.

The more accurate you are with evaluating a trade "sight unseen", the smoother everything else will go and will show your customers just how professional and caring you are too.