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Those of you who follow our blogs and read our newsletter know I’m going to talk about it, yes that’s right it’s football season!!!

My favorite time of the year to watch which coaches did the best job in preparing their teams for Sunday’s football game.

Since I’m on this subject, did you ever wonder why some coaches do better than others? Why do some coaches have better winning records than others and more importantly win super bowls and or national titles??

I believe the successful coaches had “mentors” that brought them up through the ranks of coaching, and I believe those mentors had great mentors as well.

I also believe that somewhere down the line a successful coach was taught the art of coaching and motivating not only their players but their assistant coaches as well, hence the mentoring portion of the skill set needed to be a great football coach.

We have the opportunity to work with a number of great service managers throughout North America and there is a common thread that can be identified with every great manager; somewhere along the line they were mentored properly.

You also know we work with every service and parts department employee in the dealership as well.

The reason I bring this up, is that our coaches in our dealerships are not just our managers.

I’ve had the privilege to work with some great service advisors, warranty administrators, shop foremen/dispatchers, parts counter personnel, technicians, forklift drivers and detail department personnel that demonstrate great coaching abilities. Quite frankly some of these folks could be considered as our assistant coaches. On a side note, we need to be aware of these up and coming coaches.

I want to remind everyone that you as a manager or, potential manager need to possess the qualities of a great coach, a great motivator and yes, a great mentor.

The following are definitions for these qualities:

What is a Coach?

a. They coach their people, in or order to guide & strengthen their skills.

What is a Motivator?

a. They keep people focused on the goal and excited about reaching it as a team

What is a Mentor?

a. They aid their employees in building strong relationships

If we think we can just hand our employee {football player} a handbook & job description {playbook} and expect them to go out and do their job without any repetitive coaching, motivating and mentoring, chances are they will fail at the service counter, parts counter, or in the shop…yes, they will fail “in the game on Sunday in front our customers”

If you have the mindset, that a manager position is just a baby-sitting job, and is tedious, and you can’t make a difference, then it might be time for some coaching directive yourself and there is nothing wrong with that. If we are true professionals, we know we need mentoring as well!!

Let’s get back to our teams winning with an enthusiastic approach to coaching motivating and mentoring our employees and win in the 4th quarter of our dealership season!!

See you in the service lane!!