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It is our job as salespeople and managers to create a sense of urgency with our customers, so they can enjoy the "buying fever" - it is a thrill to make a large purchase, and by creating a sense of urgency, we encourage customers to buy now, and help them enjoy the process.

We, as salespeople, have to be in the right state of mind, and while it is easy in the busy times, it is not always that easy when things are a little (or a lot) quieter.

Sometimes we allow our negative thoughts of business being slow affect the way we treat our customers - we don't believe anyone is going to buy during the slow times, so we don't work with the customer as if they are going to buy.

Having said that - don't you think the customers who come in during the slow times are actually more ready to buy? I do!!

So, let's get our attitudes right to begin with.

Then, use questions such as "what are you hoping to accomplish today?". Using the word today creates urgency.

Next, during the segue from the interview to touching the desk, we can let our customers know that we may not have availability due to other salespeople selling a lot, mainly due to the sale we have going on right now.

We have to sell our customers that now is the right time for them to be making this purchase - creating a sense of urgency will help.