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Continuing on from the last video, this video takes us through how to continue to create urgency with the feature, function, benefit presentation.

Our job as salespeople is to help our customers take mental ownership of the product we are helping them with. We can do this by showing the feature, describing the function of that feature (what it does) then SELLING the benefit.

If we add to the selling a timeline as to when they will be getting the benefit of this feature, we also create that sense of urgency.

Most buyers are like me - get them using something now, or at least imagining using it now, we want it - now.

So let's talk about using this product this weekend, or even as soon as today, depending on the product you are selling.

Once your customer has taken mental ownership, it is a natural flow to assume the sale - your customer wants it, so now we just have show them how to make that possible.