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A Demarcation Line Between our Departments

Communication should be a priority between our departments and more importantly between the personnel of these departments.

When you don’t have proper and consistent communication between your sales and service department, service and parts department, and warranty and service department for example, then you are internally building what we call a “demarcation line” between these dealership employees.

The definition of a demarcation line: “a boundary marking something off from something else” Typically, employees work inside and between these demarcation lines.

Our day becomes busier in a lot of cases as well, due to employees not being on the same page with one another, and more importantly with our customers.  We find ourselves doing more work throughout the day, because we did not discuss or plan for each day between department personnel.

In a lot of cases, if we just understood each other’s job description, or the trials and tribulations of an employee trying to navigate throughout their day, we may just find out how we can impact someone else’s day by better performing in ours!!

Too many times there is a lack of “regular” or “scheduled” communication between dealership departments and this is a detriment to; customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, production, and efficiency.

During our training install week, we have an opportunity to sit down with almost every single employee to get feedback as to how their typical day goes, understand their job responsibilities, and understand the additional needed communication between department personnel due their personal concerns.

This typically gives us a great pulse on what is happening in the dealership and where our opportunities present themselves.

Our first quarter is over and the busy season is upon us. It’s more important now more than ever to ramp up regular communication between our dealership’s departments and understand what opportunities we have with our customers, our manufacturers, and with each other.