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It seems a rhetorical question to ask anyone in sales or management if they really want to get better - the reason I ask is that a lot of people want to get better, but don't really know how.

As I state in the video, in order to get better, you have to know where you stand right now.

Closing ratio is normally the first number most people examine - is it where it needs to be? However, I invite you to look at different numbers:

How many opportunities to do business are you getting in front of?

What is the split between fresh opportunities, be-backs, referrals, repeats, internet and phone leads?

What am I doing with each of the above as far as process:

  • Interview
  • Manager involvement
  • WOW feature/function/benefit presentation
  • Demo
  • Trial close
  • Service and parts tour
  • Buy the trade

If you were able to increase your effectiveness with each of the above steps, your closing ratio will automatically improve - meaning you will sell more!

Too many people today don't want to work on these things though, so they only care about getting a decent number of sales each month and making an average income.

If you would like to receive electronic logs - either for the sales department as a whole or as an individual salesperson so you can track all these numbers, please let me know and I will be happy to send them to you.