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I am sure you have all, at some time, been frustrated because a customer who you sold in the past bought another unit, but from someone else. Am I right?

If so, please make sure you watch the video above.

One way to drastically cut down on customers buying elsewhere, or even worse, from a different salesperson at your own dealership, is to stay in contact with your customers after the sale.

As I say in the video, the reason why most salespeople don't do this is because it normally doesn't result in an immediate sale. As salespeople, we thrive on the thrill of a sale, and therefore don't spend much time on anything that isn't going to produce a quick result.

To avoid losing these sales, we have to work now to protect our future - by investing today's time, you are going to ensure a very healthy (financially) future.

We recommend a minimum follow up of:

  • The day of delivery, or within 24 hours
  • 1 week after delivery (Thank you, and customer satisfaction)
  • 1 month after delivery (Thank you, and ask for referrals)
  • 6 months after delivery (Checking in, ask for referrals)
  • 1 year after delivery (Happy anniversary)
  • Every year after

I recommend more than that for best results - do as we do here - send a video newsletter every month to all your customers - keep them in the loop - this will keep your name and face in front of them, so they only think of you when buying their next one - trust me, it works!