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How can we possibly let success get in our way?

Quite simply - when we are successful, it normally means we are busy selling and delivering - terrific news, I agree. But then we have to consider, with us staying busy selling and delivering, what happens to the normal activity such as follow up - both unsold and sold - what happens to giving each and every customer everything we have when they are in front of us?

I know first hand what happens, as I have done it myself in the past - these things that helped made us successful in the first place start to slip - no worries, we are selling enough that it doesn't matter.

What we are doing is actually setting ourselves up for failure!

Once the busy season starts to wind down, we are going to wish we had more customers to work - if we keep the pedal down now, following up every customer like they were the only ones we have, digging into every lead like they were the only ones we have, we will continue to be active, and as I mention in the video above, this activity will lead to productivity.

Don't sit back thinking you have had the best year yet - continue to drive forward and turn your successful year into an outstanding year!