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“When we put the deal together, secure financing and set a date and time for the delivery day, do we inform the customer what is going to happen the day they pick-up their new RV?

“More importantly, did we miss the opportunity to properly educate our customers during the delivery process, because the customer did not expect it was going to take 2-3 hours for a delivery?”

Let’s make sure we inform our customers the day of delivery, the proper time frame for the delivery process, so they might want to entertain leaving the kiddos at home so they can concentrate on all the important information being given.

We need the customer’s full attention through the F&I process, Orientation & Hitch Set-up Process, Parts Walk-Through Process, and Service Advisor Intro Process.

We need to give the customers the benefits of a proper delivery process so they understand the importance of their undivided attention.

Properly educating our customers during these processes, will allow for a “Happy Camper” and less stress on your service department after the sale.

See you in the Service Lane!!