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David picks up from last month’s newsletter to discuss what type of education should happen minimally at the time of delivery between your customer and our service advisors or delivery coordinator.

David discusses the importance of educating the customer about manufacturer policies and procedures but also the dealership’s customer satisfaction processes and procedures that are beneficial to the customer.

The following are examples of bullet points that should be covered during each delivery process by you advisors or delivery coordinator:

  • The dealership’s reservation process and the benefits of specific time slots for a customer to drop-off
  • The benefit of the dealership’s “Active Delivery Process” when a customer has their vehicle in our service facility
  • The manufacturer’s guidelines for “factory recommended maintenance”
  • The Dealership’s “Maintenance & Menu Packages”
  • Parts & Accessory availability

David also uses an example of the type of delivery folder/packet that can be used to house this information during this process. The packet is something for the customer to keep in their campers always to refer to when camping.

Give Dave a call if you have any questions or just need help installing this process.