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Expediting Customer Follow-up!!

Customer follow-up has always been our golden rule for customer satisfaction!!

If we do not set the stage with our customers at the point of contact during the check-in or write-up process, we are missing the boat of expectations.

First let's breakdown the 3 typical ways to follow-up with a service customer:

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. Texting

I labeled the above-mentioned forms of contact in this sequence because this is typically the way a lot of us “veterans” are still trying to follow-up with our customers…and a lot of times it’s not working.

The number of reasons this format does not work is due to the following:

  1. Customer too busy during the day to receive a phone call… so then the process turns into phone tag for the day or even week in some cases.
  2. Advisors do get very busy throughout the day, receiving incoming phone calls (we should be tracking he number of calls to realize potential crisis), writing up customers/R.O.’s, doing Active Deliveries, closing out repair orders, tracking incoming warranty parts, dealing with insurance & extended insurance companies, and handling upset customers because we did not follow-up on a regulated basis with the customer in the first place.
  3. Did not get a “good” email address or verified the correct email address when checking in the customer.

In David’s video, he demonstrates a technique how to flip the customer’s contact follow-up regimen with specific verbiage to direct the advisor’s appropriate actions for successful follow-up.

If we do not use a texting program in our service & parts departments for customer follow-up, it may be time to look at a program that suits your dealership needs.

Once you do have a texting mechanism in place, the key is to use it correctly, monitor the text inquiries & correspondences between your employees and customers.  We witness a lot of dealership failures because no one is dedicated or monitoring this process.

Quite frankly, this follow-up process should be discussed appropriately with each advisor daily, during the Service Advisor/Service Manager “Daily One on Ones”

If you need to launch this process in your dealership and or enhance the execution of this process, give David a call or email us and we will be glad to help!!