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For you to be even on this page means you probably consider yourself to be old!! No? Well, read on anyway and please watch the video.

Traveling around the country, I see that there is a need to keep up with current trends and technology, with salespeople and managers alike.

Follow up should all be about conversations, and we have to recognize that we now have different forms of conversation.

Texting and messaging are the preferred ways of contact for many of today's customers - this allows them to talk with you without being interrupted too much. In other words, they can still "talk" with us while doing other things - multi-tasking.

Conversations are no longer restricted to face to face or telephone - conversations are also mane through texting and messaging - we have to embrace this.

A challenge that many of us have, especially in the RV world, is recording this vital interaction with our customers. most CRM's, except the automotive ones, are not yet capable of texting customers back and forth and automatically recording these interactions. So, until we catch up, we will need to either inout the chats manually, or take a picture of your screen and copy and paste it into the CRM.

I know this seems a little long-winded, but I prefer this to not having a track on the work that is being done to converse with customers.

Keep up with the times, don't work like old farts even if we may be old farts!