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As a follow up to last month, where we discussed all our opportunities to do business, let's now talk about how we track them all, how we stay on top of them all, and how we can follow the process, all at the same time!

Use a customer log - a paper one - this is readily accessible as it should be in the middle of your desk as a sales manager. This is how you run your department - logging everything that goes on - fresh customers (walk in), be-backs, incoming phone calls and incoming internet leads.

Write on the log as soon as there is activity. In other words, as soon as you see a customer, as soon as you hear a phone call, and as soon as you receive the internet leads.

Now you can follow the process - as you will see on the log (click the link below), you can use the log to follow the process - check off as your salesperson allows your customer to enjoy the process.

The steps - Interview, 1st Manager intro, Feature/Function/Benefit Presentation, Demo, Trial Close, Service and Parts Tour, Write up, Sold, 2nd Manager t.o., - they can all be tracked and monitored as we go through the process with our customers.

This information will allow you to install accountability, and track how individual salespeople are doing. Now you can focus training as needed! You can put the information on the electronic report - click the link below to download a copy for you to use.

Click here for the Customer Log

Click here to download the electronic report