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Shows are vital to the success of the year as a whole, so it is imperative to make the most out of these opportunities.

Most potential customers who attend the shows are somewhat of an impulse buyer. That means they react well to enthusiasm and excitement (not that others don't). They like doing business where and when business is being done, they get "caught up" in the atmosphere.

We have to ensure the atmosphere is conducive to buying, so as salespeople and managers, we have to project our excitement and enthusiasm - smile, body language facing the customer, eye contact - these are all good traits of an enthusiastic person.

There are some people who attend these shows for a day out, with absolutely no intention of buying anything, either now or in the future, but how do we know this until we spend a lot of time with them? We have to make sure we pay attention here so real buyers don't slip through our hands.

I have found that if we twist the sales process somewhat, we can help ascertain who the buyers are.

Let's start with the trial close, instead of the normal meet and greet, with something like this: "Are you here to take advantage of the incredible show prices we have at the moment?"

The answers to this questions should help you identify the buyers, but you also need to be careful to not rule people out who do not necessarily give you an immediate positive response.

In every case, make sure you get all the customer details for important follow up opportunities.

So, enthusiasm, excitement and start with a trial close - use the rest of the process as normal!