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As a continuation from the video made on handling internet leads without phone numbers, the video above goes into more detail about the mechanics behind producing the videos and how to send them to make it easy for your viewers.

We should start with the correct equipment - many of us have phones with really good cameras these days, and with a lot of good apps available, it makes it easy to film and send the videos to our customers.

A word of caution: if we send the link to our video, many customers won't want to click on the link in case it contains a virus.

For example, if I were to ask you to click on the following link:, you may not be comfortable clicking on it.

I recommend making the video first, then uploading it to a reputable on line video housing company (such as YouTube), then sending the video link through email, which will allow you to hyperlink it into different words. This way, you can send a short email (preferably with your photo in your signature) and it can say something like this:

Hi Mr. and Mrs. Customer,

Please click here to view a short video from me.

To do this, copy the URL for the video you uploaded, then highlight the words "click here", click on the link (chain) icon and paste the URL. The words will turn blue (as above), and depending on your application could also be underlined.

Your customers are far more apt to click on that than the link itself.

To take it even further, you may have the ability to add a private page to your website (like the one here) and embed the video on the page. Then the URL you would use will be the one to the private page - this will have the bonus of allowing customers to interact with your website.

Finally, I mention in the video about the importance of a microphone - your phones will work perfectly well indoors (if there isn't a lot of background noise), but to make the best video (a lot of videos are more about the sound than the visual), I recommend a lavalier microphone to enhance your videos - you can hear the difference on the video above.

In conclusion, if you are going to the trouble to make videos, make them easy to watch and great to listen to - this requires you having the right equipment and electronic tools.