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The promise of guaranteed extra sales is not made lightly - and although this promise is made, many of you will not take advantage of these extra sales. The reason? Most people are not prepared to put in the time and effort it takes to generate these extra sales.

For those of you interested in making more sales and more money, the video above describes how best to keep in touch with your sold customers to maximize the opportunity for repeat business.

If you stick to a program to keep in touch with your sold customers, your numbers will grow year on year, until you have more than enough business to handle without working fresh customers.

First follow up should be within 24 hours of your customer taking delivery - this is a courtesy call (customer satisfaction) to make sure they got home okay - how did it drive, how did it tow?

Second should be 1 week after delivery - thank them for their business and ask if they have any questions. Again, this is a pure customer satisfaction call.

Third call should be 1 month after delivery - the next blog will cover this call in detail - this is when we ask for referrals.

Next call after 6 months to check on them.

Anniversary calls - this is very often missed - a lot of salespeople will go to the trouble of sending a nice e-mail, but fail to talk to the customer. Go the extra mile and talk with your customer - this will keep you firmly in front of them so they automatically think of you whenever they think of anything to do with their purchase.

Do the math - if just 20% of the customers you keep in touch with come back and try to give you their business again, half of these will actually buy. If you sell 100/year, that means an extra 10 in year 4, and by years 6 and 7 you will be selling 160+++ - now that's what I call a great return on investment, don't you?

So stop thinking about it and put some good habits in to your daily routine and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!