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None of us really want the leads that don't have a phone number on them - it drastically reduces our effectiveness.

These are the leads that may get a cursory response from us, just to keep the managers happy! No wonder we consider these leads as a waste of time - we don't do much with them!

With any enquiry - whether it be a walk-in, an incoming call or an internet lead, our goal should be to build rapport and find out how we can help our potential customer get a new unit.

Without a phone number with that internet lead, it makes it more difficult to build rapport, so it is up to us to do something different.

We have to be more animated than a normal written response - we also have to engage this lead if we want to do more. It would help to let the customer at least know what we look like - humanize the interaction if you will. This can be done by adding a photograph to your e-mail signature.

The best way to handle this lead is by making a personalized video - introducing yourself and showing off the unit they enquired about.

As discussed in the video above, a very important part of the video is a call to action - this is not "if you need anything else, please let me know" - this is a definite "I have a lot of information for you, as soon as you get this video, call me - my number is __________ ".

This takes a little extra work - if you want to make the most out of these leads, this is what it is going to take - your choice!