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Asking for referrals is an art - please don't take it lightly or even take it for granted that your customers will automatically send you some possible customers.

There is a great opportunity for salespeople who take follow up seriously with their sold customers. That is because most salespeople won't think about sold customer follow up as a good return on their time investment.

For the few salespeople who take it seriously though, there is a terrific return for them.

It is our job as salespeople to continue to build our business - after all, we are alike mini business owners ourselves, so let's all work to grow our own businesses.

As I mention on the video above, we recommend you make follow up calls for customer satisfaction - these calls should be within 24 hours of delivery and then within a week of delivery.

The call to ask for referrals should be about a month after delivery, but DO NOT make this call if you haven't made the first 2. The reason? Don't let the first follow up be about making more money off your customer - let them be true customer satisfaction calls.

A lot of salespeople will be hesitant to ask direct questions when asking for referrals, so they will simply ask their customers if they every come across anyone looking for a new vehicle to please send them their way.

You may as well not pick up the phone!

Instead, you need to ask something like this:

"Mr. Customer, I build my business on referrals from good people such as yourself, so who do you know that is looking for a new or used vehicle, either now or in the near future?"

This is a questions that requires a specific answer, and so your chance of actually getting a referral goes up.

Please watch the video to listen to a couple more tips of getting a result when making these calls - this will help you to build you business exponentially, joining a very elite group of salespeople in this business.