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So many times customers walk into dealerships expressing vehemently that they don't want any help from a salesperson.

What do we do, when our income depends on these customers?

Many just walk away and try and get a new "up" who is easier to deal with, but if you have an "up" system in place, it could be a while before you get another chance.

Instead, let's have some word tracks in our back pocket to use and try and win those customers over.

We have to understand why the customers are saying these things in the first place - the likelihood is, they have either been ignored by, or treated badly by salespeople in the past, and they think we are all the same.

We have to show our customers that we are different - we have to show that we genuinely want to help them, and not to just try and sell them the "deal of the month" with the high bonus on it.

Watch the video above and I will go through a couple of word tracks - it may require you to shorten the meet and greet - I am okay with that, as long as we get to the interview.

We can certainly save our customers a lot of time by conducting an interview, but many of them don't know that. Let's make sure we let them know that we can save them time - this is a very valuable asset and should make them listen a little further.

Let your customers know that you want to provide them all the information they came in here for, and then they can make the decision - take any kind of pressure away, customers don't like to be pressured.

Please, after watching the video, let me know if you have any questions or need any help whatsoever - I will be only too glad to help.