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A lot of salespeople are being faced with customers wanting to sell their own unit themselves.

We must consider that our customer is letting us know that they want more money!! Either they think they can get more themselves - this sometimes even happens before we tell them how much we can give them - or they want to use this to get us to give them more.

There are many reasons to persuade our customers to trade their unit in - we keep more control of the deal, we will make more money (2 sales instead of one), and we will make more customers.

It is important not to fight with our customer about whether or not they can get more money by selling it themselves. Instead, let's agree with them and then show them, step by step, how they can really benefit by trading it in.

As I describe in the video above, there are several factors to consider when thinking about selling it themselves:

  • The customer will be expected to drop the price from the advertised price
  • In most states, the customer will lose the tax savings (most states require customers to pay tax on the difference, not on the full amount.)
  • It will cost money to prepare the trade for sale
  • How long will it take? Most customers have ongoing payments that will eat into the potential profit.

Make sure you write all this down, so your customers can physically see the benefits of trading their unit in - most customers want to , they just need someone to justify why it is the best idea.