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As promised, Dave picks up where he left off in last month’s newsletter with the verbiage and tools that are needed to do a proper “Initial Walk-Around Inspection”

Dave shares with us the art of building rapport, edifying the customer’s vehicle purchasing decision, the process for the proper procedure when performing this walk-around, and the tools needed to solidify the communication between the service advisor and the customer.

It’s very important of course that the customer is involved in this process and they appreciate our concern for the physicality of their camper. We want to ensure that the customer gets their camper back in the same condition as when they dropped off their camper.

As David points out during this demonstration, typically there are opportunities for up-sells that present themselves. It’s up to the service advisors to capitalize on these up-sells, by presenting these opportunities with a “Feature, Function and Benefit Presentation” to build value and paint a mental picture in the customer’s mind as to the benefit for the specific part, accessory or service recommended.

Assisting the customer with protecting their investment or getting the longevity out of their vehicle they deserve, should be our primary goal as a service advisor. In addition, there are always accessories or services that enhance the customer’s reliability, safety or convenience when using their vehicle, we just need to be aware of these opportunities when performing the Initial Walk-Around process.

The last issue that David wants, is a service advisor, service manager, or dealer to have a conversation with a customer who tells us, “nobody told me that service was available or that this accessory could have eliminated a poor experience with my vehicle.”

In addition, having a surprised discussion with a customer the day they come to pick-up their vehicle in our service drive about a dent, scratch, or some other physical issue with the vehicle, should never happen if we completed this process with signed documents when they dropped their vehicle off the day of their reservation!!

Let’s eliminate poor customer service and experiences, not to mention unwanted service policy adjustments, by completing a proper “Initial Customer Walk-Around” every time!!

As you might expect, it’s important that our service managers inspect this process when service advisors are out in the lane with our customers to identify additional coaching and training needed.

If we do this process without fail, we will make more money, and have happier customers.