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In this month’s newsletter, David shares a conversation he had with a dealer recently. The question he asked the dealer is: “Do you want to make more money and satisfy more customers at the same time?”

David has never met a dealer or manager who answers that question with a resounding…no. Therefore, that’s exactly why he and his team of trainers implement the “Initial Walk-Around” process with the service advisor team…to ensure customer satisfaction with enhance customer communication and look for available up-sell opportunities.

In this months’ video, David discusses the reasons for the “Initial Walk-Around process and how it leads to the “Courtesy Inspection” of the customer’s warranty or customer pay concerns.

As David reminds us, getting the customer involved and understanding the benefit to this process is paramount.

Let’s not forget to track our results of these walk-arounds, and reward our personnel for their efforts to ensure we continue to take care of our customers properly, and maximize our customer opportunities.