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Recognizing Your Team Players Readiness!!

David deters from his normal process oriented videos and discusses something a bit more personal…our employee’s readiness to execute and produce!!

Training and supporting our employees and setting them up for success should be out number one goal as a manager, or as David mentions, our “coaching mentality.”

Every good coach recognizes if his or her “department” players are ready for game day.

As a manager, we need to understand what motivates our employees, and what we need to do as managers such as training, communication and process execution to get the most out of them every single day.

In addition, walking through the “locker room” dealership departments and talking to your employees or just saying good morning will help you gauge where everyone’s mentality is at.

Do not make the mistake of discounting any of your employee’s concerns, or personal trials and tribulations that they may be experiencing on game day.

We may be able to help that employee get through some of their misfortunes and get them back on track producing and or enriching our customer satisfaction scores with proper professional engagement, purely through our “coaching” awareness.

So get to know your team, train your team, and lead them to victory, through proper daily communication and involvement, with a playbook of processes and procedures that they understand and can execute.

Don’t forget to be involved, and walk through that “locker room” to recognize everyone’s “game face” and if they a ready for “game day”