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We live in a competitive world, and we all work in a competitive field - sales.

So, how do we match up? Do you even know your own numbers, never mind your competition?

Many salespeople and sales managers do not know a lot of the most important numbers out there - we focus on results, instead of working out how to improve the results.

Salespeople and managers alike should know the following numbers:

How many opportunities to do business you have on a regular basis.

How many interviews you do out of these opportunities.

How many you check with the manager and get them involved.

How many presentations you do.

How many trial closes you do.

How many service and parts tours you do.

How many write-ups you do.

How many actually take delivery.

All these stats can be gained using a simple customer log - let me know if you need a template to make some.

Those stats can then be transferred to an electronic report, which will spit out a lot of the required information - again, let me know if you need one - no charge!

With the above information, we can now work on tweaking our interactions with our customers so we make the most out of the opportunities.