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All to often, we as salespeople focus more on selling, and not on listening.

We have to understand that it is really not possible to effectively sell if we don't listen first. By listening to our customers, we will allow them to tell us everything we need to know to help them get what they came in for.

The art of selling is this: finding out our customers' wants and needs, finding out WHY they have these wants and needs, then matching up a product to those wants and needs and SHOWING how the product matches their wants and needs.

So, the conversation/interview step (#2) is where to focus on listening - letting the customer talk will build rapport, and allow them to buy into the number one reason people buy a high dollar item - you!

We have to care about our customers, and SHOW that we care - don't focus on selling them something, focus on caring about them, their wants and needs and genuinely helping them to buy.

Our ability to listen far outweighs our ability to speak, so let's make sure we use our ears more than our mouth - it will pay dividends!