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The Feature/Function/Benefit step, along with Demo, are the 2 main steps of the process where we are truly "selling". We do this my describing the feature (what it is), explaining the function (what it does) and selling the benefit (what it does for the customer).

The benefits are what our customers buy, so it is vital to get to the benefit.

How do we know this particular feature will benefit the customer? We have to make the connection.

It starts with the interview/conversation - as salespeople, we have to listen to what the customer wants, then find out WHY the customers wants that particular feature.

Only when we find out why, do we have a chance of getting to the benefit.

During the Feature/Function/Benefit stage, we can now refer back to the information we gleaned, and share with the customer - "you said wanted a bed you can walk around to make it easier for you to get in and out of - let me show you how easy this particular bed will do that for you."

You just made the connection - this will then build value, and the more we build value while presenting and demonstrating, the more the customer is buying our product.

So, the best connections to use are the Y connections, as described in the video above. Do more of this, and you will find sales and profits growing.