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Have you ever walked into a retail business, approached a receptionist, a host, a front counter person, and or an employee who may be “working the floor” and when you asked for help, it seemed as if you were interrupting that employee from doing something more important than waiting on you?

It wasn’t anything the employee said, it was their expression on their face, or their body language or maybe even a bit of a sigh before their initial physical assistance.

This is what we refer to as “non-verbal” communication!!

In a lot of cases, our non-verbal communication inter-action with customers is stronger than our actual verbal communication, and we start off our relationship with our customers on the wrong foot.

We need to recognize the importance of our demeanor, because if we are failing with our non-verbal communication with our retail customer, I would presume this happens often with our fellow employees as well.  Typically, this is what starts off a rocky relationship between employees and even starts dividing departments due to miss-understanding.

Rapport building is a skill set that is needed to inter-act with our customers so we can build trust and strengthen our relationships with our customers.  We want to give the customers all the reasons as to why they should feel confident in doing business with our dealership and continuing to do business with our dealership!!

The rapport building starts from the moment the customer lays eyes on us, and into that first 30 seconds of inter-action.

Most of you that are watching this video and reading this blog are what we call, “customer-facing employees”.  You were hired for your position due to skill-sets that you possess.  I’m trusting that a great attitude, enthusiasm, and professionalism were some of those skill-sets.

We need to look in the mirror and recognize and or remind ourselves, that our facial expressions, posture, and body language precedes the above-mentioned traits of a true customer facing professional.

Let’s not forget that a “great smile” kicks all of this into gear, and will set the tone for a professional relationship with our customers now and in the future.