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David takes a break from the service advisor customer processes this month, to touch on something that is near and dear to our hearts…employee recruitment.

Due to David’s personal experience with a recent injury of his own as well as several conversations with dealers over the last several years, he is compelled to remind us of our pro-active approach to hiring and recruiting fixed operations personnel.

David’s notes…

So many times, over my 35-year career, I was very “re-active” when needing to hire or recruit new employees. I made the same mistakes as most due and that was not “preparing” for the possibilities.

The possibilities I am speaking of, is your employee gets injured, sick, pregnant, quits, fired, or must move away to take care of a needy family member.

We typically don’t go home at night thinking about these possibilities, but when we arrive the next day to work…. we then get that dreaded phone call.

I have been in this position numerous times and it’s not fun. Typically, customer satisfaction, efficiency, production, and sales revenue suffer because we have lost this employee’s contributions to our dealership for however he or she is out.

Now we are in scramble mode. We might get lucky, because minimally we have “cross trained” a few of our employees to assist in different areas. Of course, this will cost us in some shape or manner because that employee might be pulling double duty, staying late to get additional duties completed at an overtime pay expense.

This situation mentioned is still a better than not having anyone else in the organization knowing how to do the following jobs

  • Warranty Claims
  • Order SOP’s
  • Dispatch work to the technicians, collect time tickets, apply time, or QC campers
  • Open, process, and close repair orders
  • Work on vehicles

The answer to this real-life situation is, always be recruiting, always be in a hiring mode!!!

We need to have this mindset, just to be prepared for these uncontrolled employee situations mentioned above. In addition, what if we need to make a pro-active decision/change regarding an employee’s performance that may be sub-par for the position they are in.

Typically, we do not make these decisions as quick as we would like either, because we know we need to go through that “dreadful process” of hiring another employee. We typically must stop what we are doing, produce/create an ad, contact our media markets and reps, and prepare for the “interview process” …and we hate it, because it takes time away from “the important stuff” our everyday duties.

If we are pro-actively recruiting and hiring 365 days a year for multiple positions, we will be in a much better position to address these opportunities when they occur. Additionally, you just don’t know where your next “shining star” will come from.

If you need help designing and creating a recruiting process for your dealership/department…give me a call, or email me, I’ll be glad to share an outline specific for your dealership needs.