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Selecting A Product or Service for Our Customers!!

When coaching or training service advisors, it’s imperative that we have the mindset that our job description is to look after the customer properly and professionally.

Of course, this seems like a no-brainer, right?

If you have been following the last several newsletter blogs and videos, we have discussed everything from the proper Meet & Greet process, the Interview Process, and the Initial Physical Inspection process as well as the Courtesy Inspection process the must happen every time without fail with our customers in the service drive.

Selecting a product and or service to protect the customer’s investment and assisting them in getting the longevity out of their camper they deserve, is also a primary responsibility of our service advisors.

In addition, when we offer accessories or services to our customers with a proper “feature, function and benefit presentation,” we typically enhance the customer’s RV’ing experience as well.

I like to paint a positive mental picture when presenting or explaining a service package or an accessory with the “FFB” presentation because now we are building value in the customer’s mind.

In a lot of cases, the customer can relate too, because they typically had a bad experience, by not having:

1) Maxx Air Vent: Camper was outside during a hail storm and busted vent lids were a result of not having Maxx Air Vents…moral of the story…water damage

2) Water Regulator: Campground water pressure was too much for PCV plumbing, hence, union/elbow came apart and now we have a water leak in the underbelly

3) Surge Protector: Can’t control the age of the campground power source or mother-nature…result… damaged convertor, appliance failure, upset wife, children and grandchildren…especially if it’s a night inside the camper due to rain!!

4) Wheel Bearing Service: Just show your customer a picture/video of the last customer’s RV, who was in your shop due to wheel bearing/hub that got hot, blew the tire, ripped the side of the camper to shreds, and ruined their vacation, not to mention scared the dickens out of them when they were pulling their camper down the highway at 65-70 mph with their grandchildren in the tow vehicle!! If that’s not enough…show them the bill!!

5) Roof Maintenance: This should be easy…. water damage…. water damage…water damage!!! Nothing says fun, when you are getting ready for bed, and discover water dripping from the ceiling or leaking out the side-walls, and or you have a soft floor. Show the customer the cost for this damage!!

Did we just paint some mental pictures and build value at the same time??

Finally, we do not want to hear a customer make the following statement, “No one told me about maintenance or suggested it when I brought my camper in last time” “If they would have, I surely would have paid to have those items/maintenances done.”

Let’s take the initiative, and take care of our customers by selecting products or services, to enhance their camping and dealership experience!!

Enjoy the video and see you in the service lane!!