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No matter how you slice it “no pun intended” selling apples and oranges is a skill set.

To be a successful salesperson, and yes, we are salespeople even on the “Fixed Operations” side of the wall, there is a skill set that is needed to” present” not necessarily “sell” a customer.

It does not matter if the product is a maintenance service package, repair parts and/or accessories, we need to understand what will motivate the customer to purchase such an item.

This process is called; “Fact Finding” and it's done by not only building rapport with the customer, but understanding a few critical criteria:

1) How do they use their vehicle?

2) Who uses the vehicle or who goes with them in their vehicle?

3) Where do they go when using their vehicle?

4) Is their vehicle used for business or pleasure?

These are just a couple of key components that will allow us to present a product or service that is beneficial when we use the art of a “feature, function & benefit” presentation.

There is no hidden secret to the “Fact Finding” process, it’s done through the proper “Rapport Building” process and the employees ability to align themselves with our customers.

This months’ video will showcase the art of this process and give our employees a foundation for proper selling in our fixed operations departments.