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Service Manager Daily Itinerary

Remember the good old days when we had less electronics and more paper?

Well some of us would agree those were the good old days, and some of us that grew up with the technology in grade school and high school are perfectly content with our electronic use today.

Needless to say, most of us “old schoolers” have adapted on the fly without realizing our use of next level generation cell phones, laptops and of course our own dealership software or computer systems.

I’ll date myself, but some days I wish we were still using the “Franklin Daily Planners”

Why you may ask??  Because “back in the day” this book went everywhere with me, even outside of normal work orders to such places as high school events, the grocery store, church, and even family gatherings.

Naturally I did not carry it on me the whole time, but minimally it was in my vehicle waiting for me to enter in notes or list an up-coming event, or even a follow-up phone call needed to be made.

More importantly it was my personal ‘daily itinerary” organizer.  It did not matter my position in the dealership, I listed a daily agenda of items that needed follow through, review, discussion, and action.  I even coordinated these notes with associated times as well.

This organization planner kept me on pace for what was needed to accomplish each task or goal for the day.  When something was not accomplished or the task did not get totally completed, it got moved to the next day until the follow through was complete.  Maybe this was a little of the military coming out of me due to working with so many tech-regulations as an Armament Systems Specialist in the Air Force.

As service managers, we need this type of organization, something to keep us on track, something to list our daily inspections and tasks.

It’s too easy for us managers to get off the beaten track on any given day, because daily business gets in the way, employees get in the way, customers get in the way, that’s a little inside joke, but true!!

We need to list our daily process and policy inspections as well as action needed to keep us on the straight and narrow.  If we have a curriculum of events listed to follow through with, we will eliminate bigger issues such as customer dis-satisfaction, dated open R.O.’s, bloated policy expense, and lack of productivity and or efficiency.

These above-mentioned items or processes are usually issues because we tend to lose focus and attention, inspecting them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

So, let’s use our “Notes” or “Reminder” icons on our cell phones or tablets to regiment a “daily itinerary” for ourselves.  I even use a yellow legal tablet in a leather binder to assist in coordinating my day in conjunction with the “electronic reminders”

I find myself much more pro-active and aware when I have a “Daily Itinerary”