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Hopefully you are one of the rare individuals who possess both skill and work ethic as your best traits.

For the rest of us, and many salespeople and sales managers, we have relied, and still rely, heavily on our great selling skills to get us through.

This may not be enough if we are to experience a lull in business.

The people who continue to work hard in any kind of downturn are the ones who will most likely survive, or at least come out the other side in the best position.

To have a good work ethic as a salesperson or manager, that means following the process, every time and not taking short-cuts. Salespeople - work the sales process so your customers get the very best of what you and your dealership have to offer. Get your manager involved every time. With unsold customers, follow up immediately, work hard to get that customer back in.

Managers - work every deal as if it is the only one you may get this week. Talk with every customer, no matter what the salesperson may say. Sit down and conduct a one on one with each salesperson to help them get in front of more customers - be-backs, repeat customers etc. Conduct a sales meeting every day to get their day started on the right foot.

As mentioned in the video, if you are like the majority of people who are not naturally motivated to work, get into a routine that will help you to motivate yourself to do more - try starting your day with some physical exercise - this will give you more energy, which will allow you to work harder.

Working harder (as long as it is the right kind of work) will produce results, as long as you stick at it.

So, next time you want a raise, give yourself one - work a little harder!