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That’s a bit of a tongue twister…” talking technician talk”

The reason I proposed the question in this month’s newsletter, is because in most cases, we may not be spending enough time in our shops, and gauging the mental integrity or disposition of our shop personnel.

I really like to call this process; “taking the shop temperature”

Too many times, we find out issues or technician concerns after it’s too late, when they are packing up their toolbox and leaving for another dealership.

We all know the issues we have, with getting entry level technicians, let alone experienced technicians, to come to work for our dealerships…it’s not a fun recruitment process.

Knowing where you can effectively assist a technician with his day to day concerns or trials and tribulations is important so you can make positive changes for everyone that is involved with the following processes; customer satisfaction, production, efficiency, and eliminating service policy work!!  

Typically, the technicians are the last folks we communicate with on a regular basis, especially to get any feedback from to work on process involvement or enhancement.

I think in a lot of cases we may not want to have this type of relationship or communication process because we think it’s just going to be fruitless or turn into a “you-know-what... session”

We need to lead by example, and keep these conversations/ feedback positive and enthusiastic.  More importantly when a technician brings an “opportunity” to the table, we need to share his or her ideas with the group pertaining to what or how the results will benefit everyone.

If we do not share with the team the results, and possibly the action needed regarding these conversations, then most likely the technicians will just clam up and never bring another idea back to the table for consideration.

Just knowing what is going on in our technician’s day-to day, and showing these folks, that their interests do matter, will go along away with the employee/ownership relationship now and in the future!!