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I will start off talking about the apology close by apologizing - the "apology close" is not really a close!

As I mention in the video, it is all about getting the customer to feel for us, once they empathize with us, they are more likely to open up.

Most time, closing a deal is nothing more than overcoming objections.

Objections are quite often easy to overcome, but if we don't know what the objection is, how can we possible overcome it?

A lot of customers will give us excuses, not objections. They do this to "let us down slowly" - they may feel bad that we have spent a lot of time helping them, and we were really nice to them, so they don't want to tell you that something is wrong. Then they leave, and go and find something more in line with their wants and needs, or their budget.

I want us to at least have the opportunity of helping our customers get what they came in for, so if we can't find out what is stopping them, we can't help them.

The apology close is a way to find out exactly what is the issue, or the main objection. Now we have something to try and overcome.