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Picking up where we left off in part 1, David continues to discuss the importance of a shop foreman and or dispatcher position in our shops.

There was a statement made in last month’s blog: “No matter what time of year it is, “shop efficiency” and “production” is critical.

David reminds us; “You cannot get back time” “If a tech is punched- in with regards to premise time, but they are not punched in on a billable or collectable repair order as well.

To ramp up this thinking, we also must have the mindset that we need to be 3 steps of each tech in our shop regarding productive/billable time when working as a foreman or dispatcher position.

Understanding what it costs for each technician standing around without parts, waiting on someone to QC the vehicle they have completed, and or waiting on another vehicle to be pulled into the shop, is imperative of this person in this position.

In this month’s video, David also discusses the possible differences between a foreman and a dispatcher as well as this position being one of the same when in some shops.

David also shares some real life experiences as to why a “working foreman” in some cases does not work due to work flow, shop capacity, and or tracking his or her time on a billable repair order.