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Many customers tell us that they "want to think about it". We have to understand how serious the customers are - do they really have to think about it, or is this an excuse to get out of here as fast as possible?

For the serious ones - let's help them with their thinking.

The Ben Franklin close is one of the most effective ways to turn thinkers into buyers.

As I mention in the video, we as humans have 2 main fears: loud noises and falling.

Our customers may be afraid of making the wrong decision (falling), so using the Ben Franklin close will help justify to the customer why this is such a good decision.

Tools - a blank piece of paper and a pen.

Draw a line down the middle, then on the left side write "Reasons why". On the right side write "Reasons why not".

Fill the left side with all the reasons (benefits) why your customer should go ahead with this purchase, then turn the page around, put the pen down and ask the customer to give you one reason why not. Most times, the customer won't even pick up the pen, so you can now push forward to a positive decision. If the customer does let you know of a reason why not, you now have a solid objection to try and overcome. A positive result either way!