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Dealership employees have several opportunities throughout their day to hand- off a customer to another employee to follow through on a specific dealership process.

Such customer/employee inter-actions or hand-offs if you will, include just a couple of the following scenarios:

  1. Salesperson/Customer to F& I Manager
  2. Orientation Technician/Customer to Parts Walk-through Specialist
  3. Salesperson/Customer to the Orientation/Demo Technician

With these hand-offs, a couple of things need to happen. First, we must demonstrate the ultimate professionalism by using proper verbiage and or word tracks to ensure the customer understands the validity in what will take place when the customer is being introduced to another employee in a different department.

The second thing that needs to happen when this introduction occurs, is synergy between the two employees being demonstrated in front of the customer.

David shares in this month’s newsletter a few key components regarding these multiple employee and customer interactions.

Proper inter-action and communication with our customers eliminates guessing what to expect, or miss-understandings that usually contribute to a poor customer experience and satisfaction.

Let’s ensure our employees are trained and understand the proper inter-action needed between themselves, other employees, and more importantly our customers.