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As you will hear by watching the video, the minor point close allows your customers to make a buying decision without feeling the pressure of making such a big decision.

Almost all of your customers want to buy, but a lot of people don't buy because the decision is too big for them - they feel like they need to "think" about it. They also are afraid that they are making the wrong decision, so they don't make any decision.

Taking something minor and asking them to decide on that makes it a lot easier for the customer, and they are apt to make that decision.

For example, for customers who are financing (the majority), you may ask whether they prefer the 1st or the 15th for their payments to come out.

You may also ask them which day they would like to take delivery.

Always give your customers options - if they have to think further than a couple of options, again they will feel the pressure of making a decision and possible won't make any.