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The "Puppy Dog" close has been used very effectively, especially in the automotive business.

As I describe in the video, it is almost impossible for anyone NOT to keep an irresistible little puppy if they just spend one night with you.

So for the car industry, send the customer home in the vehicle they are thinking about purchasing, maybe for the night.

Once they pull it in their driveway and even park it in their garage, the feeling of ownership becomes very strong. It is therefore very difficult to take that vehicle back the next day, instead they are more likely to keep it.

In the R.V. industry this is almost impossible, so why not create as good an environment as possible for the potential purchaser? Hook the unit up to full power, set the ambiance (lights, temperature, music etc.) then leave the customer in the unit for a few hours so they can really imagine themselves using it.

I have had much success with this particular close in the past - add it to your repertoire and you will see your sales going up too!