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Quite often our main challenge to closing a deal is to find out what's stopping the deal from closing in the first place.

We have discussed different ideas before, and the one described in the video above is a great one.

This idea allows the customer to open up without feeling threatened - we aren't trying any hard close tactics here, instead we are allowing the customer to make a suggestion to us.

The trade place close is just as the title infers - we ask the customer to trade places with us, then, as the salesperson, ask them what they would do next to help put this deal together.

I have used this several times in the past, with great success - especially when I ask to physically trade places - we have a little fun doing it all!

So, when you come to an impasse with putting the deal together, ask the customer to pretend he/she is the salesperson, and you were the customer - as the salesperson, trying to help the customer get a new unit, what would they do?

Once they tell you something, be sure to wrap it up properly - plant doubt as to whether you can that or not, then get the commitment from the customer and take the offer to your manager.