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Courtesy Inspection, done right!

Please click above to watch the video Now that David has discussed the process for the “Initial Walk-Around” or the physical inspection of the customer’s camper in the last two newsletters, it’s time to discuss the “Courtesy Inspection Process” After the completion of... read more

The “Puppy Dog” Close

Please click above to watch the video The "Puppy Dog" close has been used very effectively, especially in the automotive business. As I describe in the video, it is almost impossible for anyone NOT to keep an irresistible little puppy if they just spend one night with... read more

Initial Walk Around (cont’d)

Please click above to watch the video As promised, Dave picks up where he left off in last month’s newsletter with the verbiage and tools that are needed to do a proper “Initial Walk-Around Inspection” Dave shares with us the art of building rapport, edifying the... read more

The “Ben Franklin Close”

Please click above to watch the video Many customers tell us that they "want to think about it". We have to understand how serious the customers are - do they really have to think about it, or is this an excuse to get out of here as fast as possible? For the serious... read more

Initial Walk Around

Please click above to watch the video In this month’s newsletter, David shares a conversation he had with a dealer recently. The question he asked the dealer is: “Do you want to make more money and satisfy more customers at the same time?” David has never met a dealer... read more

The Apology Close

Please click above to watch the video I will start off talking about the apology close by apologizing - the "apology close" is not really a close! As I mention in the video, it is all about getting the customer to feel for us, once they empathize with us, they are... read more

“Make Hay While the Sun Shines”

Please click above to watch the video No, it isn't time to start making hay! The saying "Let's make hay while the sun shines" refers to farming and taking the opportunity of good weather to get do most work possible during that good time. Right now is the best selling... read more

Acknowledging Our Customers Correctly

How do you Acknowledge a Customer in your Dealership? As dealerships enter their busy season they can expect more customers coming through the front doors, entering the service write-up area, and mingling through our parts departments. The key to a customer experience... read more

Effective Communication

Please click above to watch the video. With our ever-increasing necessity for better forms of communication, it is essential for us as customer facing people, that we communicate effectively. What is effective communication? "When the receiving part of the recipient's... read more