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Please click above to watch the video Many times we don't find out how things work, or what people are thinking - this makes it very difficult for us to make a sale, as we are not able to match our customers' wants and needs to our products. The reason we don't find... read more

You Don’t Have a Choice!

Please click above to watch the video. Contradicting the title, I will say that of course, you have a choice - we all do. We don't like it when we don't. The video above is all about making sure our customers have choices that are positive - that way their choice is... read more

Active Delivery Pt 2 (RV Focus)

  Please click above to watch the video In David’s newsletter last month, he shared with us the importance of the “Active Delivery” process by explaining the first few steps of this process including the most important “QC” or “Quality Control” process. This... read more

The Power of the Pen

Please click above to watch the video A quick and easy tip in the video above - simply use a professional pen to point out the numbers during the worksheet/negotiation stage. As I ask in the video - do a self check on how your hands, fingers and fingernails look -... read more