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Most of us owners, GM’s and department managers understand the theory of two types of customers, external and internal.  Yes, internal customers meaning our employees.

We as an organization or dealership spend a lot of time and money tracking our external customer’s experiences during our sales processes and service processes.  Most of us are reviewing our Facebook/website comments daily, to strategize better policies and procedures and or to follow-up with the customers that need extra attention.

This is where the importance of measuring our internal customer’s work related experiences comes into play.

If we are reviewing the employee’s job description, training needed to meet objectives, and involve our employees in a regimented performance review, they will continue to flourish in their respective departments understanding what is expected of them.

Therefore, the more effective our employee communication continues to be, the better rating we will have internally amongst our employees, and allowing our employees to perform at their highest level and positively affect our external customer satisfaction.

Most of us understand the importance of dealership harmony and the positive customer influence this represents, but some us may lack structure in staying regimented regarding employee communication and the above-mentioned measurements.

This may rejuvenate a new year’s resolution; increasing our internal customer ranking!!”

The following is a list of work related idea’s regarding enhancing our employee’s satisfaction:

  1. Employee Job Description
  2. Bi-annual Employee/Performance Reviews
  3. Regular Shop Meetings
  4. Department Daily Status Meetings
  5. Quarterly Dealership/Employee Business Meeting
  6. Monthly Think-Tank Meetings

If you need to discuss this structure and its contents, please email or call, I would be glad to discuss the agenda.