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Elections are always a worrisome time for many people - how will I be affected with the new President? What changes will they make that will eventually make me change the way I do things? Shall I be preparing for the worst?

The beauty of our job, in sales, is that we can have more control over our own destinies than many others.

We are rewarded for results - results are tied very tightly to hard work and smart work, so that normally means if we work hard and smart, the outside world won't have much of an impact on us.

I talk in the video about 3 things we can do to specifically impact our performances and result in a positive way:

  1. Follow up ALL unsold customers, no matter what they said when they left without buying. Preferably with a video - keep in front of them so they are more likely to come back.
  2. Give 100% of what you have to give, 100% of the time - this means looking after yourself physically and mentally - your customers deserve to receive everything you have to offer - your dealership deserves getting everything from you, and YOU deserve getting the best ROI on your most valuable investment - your time!
  3. Keep in contact with all sold customers - don't limit yourself to just your customers - there are probably a lot of orphan owners (customers who bought from a salesperson who is no longer there) that will buy again if we stay in touch - all these customers will provide a tremendous source of referrals if treated well too - this will certainly help recession proof your business.

Remember - you are in business for yourself, with someone else (your dealership) paying your overheads and running costs - make sure you take advantage of this opportunity by operating it like it is your own business.

By doing these things, you will soon be oblivious to the outcome of the election, as it will not have a negative impact on your success!