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One of the most asked questions, especially from sales managers, is what is an Up? In other words, who do we classify as a legitimate opportunity, to make sure they are logged in our CRM and followed up with by the salesperson.

As I say in the video, it is not my decision as to how you track everyone, it is yours.

Also, think about why you would NOT track someone who is in contact with your dealership in any way shape or form?

Let's not think about or label potential customers as "Ups". Instead, let's call them what they really are - Opportunities To Do Business (O.T.D.B.'s).

Every person who walks in your door, calls on the phone, texts or emails, is an Opportunity To Do Business. So, why not track them properly to make sure, as a dealership, you give them everything you have to assist them in their buying decision. Do that, and your closing ratio will take care of itself.

Talking about closing ratios, I mention in the video that some salespeople and managers do not want to log a particular person because it could go against their closing ratio - I hope to change this thought process!

Increasing a closing ratio is easy - just don't log all your O.T.D.B.'s! That will not result in one extra sale though!

If, instead, you log everyone and so are able to follow up with more people, you will be able to sell more, but at a lower closing ratio. I know which one of those two scenarios I prefer!

So, treat everyone the same, log them all and follow up with everyone - they are ALL Opportunities To Do Business!