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Salespeople and dealers alike are starting to notice the decline in floor traffic.

The reason? The amount of information now readily available on the internet. people are still shopping, and they are still shopping our dealership, but sitting at home on their computers, tablets and smartphones.

This makes the walk in customer even more valuable, as they are now ready to buy, having already done their shopping.

Equally important is the handling of, and the tracking of, the increase in enquiries from the internet and phone.

Many dealers have a great tracking system for walk ins, but not so good when it comes to internet leads and phone calls.

I recommend every opportunity is tracked the same way as a walk in - hopefully on a customer log that the sales manager controls - this way we can follow through to make sure every opportunity is taken care of properly.

Salespeople - you also need a way for you to personally track these opportunities so nobody falls through the cracks - if you don't already have one, I suggest a simple excel spreadsheet that will help you follow through and so you can see how your total opportunities are split between walk in, internet and incoming calls.

Let me know if you need any of these logs - sometimes your CRM doesn't give you enough information.