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Keeping with the holiday spirit, I thought I might suggest a “customer holiday present” …. yes, communication!!!

When you think about it, how enlightened, joyful, and kind hearted do our customers get, when we execute… proper follow-up??

In some cases, the smiles on their face when they approach the service counter remind me of a couple of youngsters running downstairs to check for their presents under the Christmas tree.

We have been talking about different forms of communication all year long, especially within our dealership departments and personnel.

I would like to recap the year, by reminding our font line customer facing employees, especially our service advisors, that we have an opportunity to start wrapping that communication present when we are checking in our service customers at the time of check-in or write-up.

Obviously having pointed conversation about the following subject matter during the check-in process will keep you on track for a happy customer.  Think of it, as Santa’s checklist:

  1. Physical condition of vehicle
  2. Identifying customer concerns
  3. Customer pay vs, warranty
  4. Difference between drop-off time and initial shop time
  5. Specific Industry warranty parts ordering process
  6. Method for which the customer would like to be follow-up with
  7. Urgency of specific repairs needed and completion time desired
  8. Active Delivery Process

If we follow this accord every time we are checking in our customer, we are not only making our lives so much easier, the customer is taking note of the professionalism that is being demonstrated, and reminding themselves why they want to continue to do business at our dealership.

“Keep working on that communication present”